Nikon Ambassador and Speaker, Manfrotto Pro Photographer and 3-time Commercial Photographer of the Year for Canada – Kristian Bogner will teach you to BE the Photographic Rockstar and have the confidence in your technical ability to capture your photographic vision with excellence.


Beginner or Pro Photographer, this INTENSIVE Photography Course is guaranteed to take your photography, mindset and passion to a whole new level.


A full day of inspirational talks, mastering camera settings, shooting portraits, fashion, landscapes, sports, products, painting with light, travel, pro tips, mindset training, passion, creativity and more.

  • Inspirational Talks by Kristian Bogner

  • Developing the mindset to get the shot no matter what the obstacle.

  • Hands on equipment, settings and how to get the most out of your gear, no matter what kind of camera you use.

  • Using in-camera picture control and D-lighting

  • Learn to get the shot right in camera and spend more time shooting and less time editing

  • Mastering Lighting – Beginner to Advanced

  • Choosing the right Light and Shaping it to any Subject

  • Photographic Instruction on: Sports, Landscapes, Portraits, Fashion, Products, Architecture, Travel Photography and much more.

  • Utilizing High ISO capabilities

  • Pro Tricks and Tips: Time Lapses, Mixed Lighting, Multiple Exposures, HDR, Long Exposures, and a whole lot more

  • Painting with Light

  • Shooting Video on your SLR

  • Hands on shooting with Kristian Bogner

  • Perspective Sharing Opportunities

  • Nikon equipment available to test

  • Much More


An intense day of the best, most functional and technical workflow on the planet, including Nikon and other camera software, Google/NIK, Photoshop, Lightroom, printing, critique or your work and so much more.

  • More Inspirational Talks and Illustrative Image Shows by Kristian Bogner

  • Bogner reveals his RAW images and what drives him to excellence

  • Digital Darkroom 101

  • Bogner’s Digital Workflow – taking you from beginner to advanced : this will blow you away and save you hours of editing!!

  • Learn Nikon View NX-i and other camera proprietary software, Lightroom and Google/Nik plugins for Photoshop.

  • Using Colour Control Points – burning and dodging on steroids!

  • Portrait and Fashion Retouching Techniques

  • Landscape Enhancement Techniques

  • Working with Black and White Images

  • Sharpening your images

  • Preparing your images for the WEB and CMYK Print

  • Photoshop Like a Pro!

  • We will work on some of the RAW images we shot the day before

  • So Much More


Toronto, Ontario

May 13th – 14th, 2017

 Saturday: Camera Intensive 9am-5pm

 Sunday: Workflow Intensive 9am-3pm

Will be in a great classroom environment at 117/119 St. George Street.

We will be going out for a photo walk and shooting our model outdoors in some great locations as well.

 Canmore, Alberta

April 28-29th, 2018.

 Saturday: Camera Intensive 9am-5pm

 Sunday: Workflow Intensive 9am-4pm

This is a mountain photography retreat in Canmore where I live.

14 Eagle Landing, Canmore

You get to see my entire work environment.

I have a class setup and we shoot indoors/outdoors.